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Welcome to a historical Persian house šŸ¤©! We have visited a few during our trip, but this one was the most beautiful one! This is Mollabashi house. It dates back to the Zandieh era and was purchased during the rule of Zell-e Sultan by Mollabashi, the astronomer of Naser al-Din Shah. When we arrived, our jaws dropped, as usual in Iran! I would advise you to visit it in the middle of the day, because the room Iā€™m sitting in here looks like a colorful rainbow šŸŒˆ

On another note, the price of gaz had raised of 300% in Iran on Friday. The country and its people are already suffering from the international economic sanctions, so this raise is another punch. There are protests all over the country at the moment and internet is cut over there, hence the lack of news in the media.

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