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Nba 2k22 - It's unfortunate that basketball

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"NBA 2K "NBA 2K" series has been on the market for a long time. In the days when the market was flooded with various games similar to however, it is the "NBA 2K" can stand on its own. Even the most popular "NBA Live" has to withdraw from the market. What are the hurdles to admission to "basketball game".

When the industry is able to only have one project to run there is a benefit that manufacturers can make the highest profits, which allows them to incur more capital expenses to develop new works (if they're willing to invest) But the disadvantage is that they have no competitors, much like there is no Like a mirror, the high-quality of a work can't be measured accurately.

"NBA 2K" and "NBA Live" were fought inextricably, until the former was hired by Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) as the cover for the game, and then added its unique "career style". Basketball enthusiasts began to "NBA 2K" turn their heads. In addition to including contemporary and retired stars to be the covers "NBA 2K" has also enlisted a range prominent music artists to come together to create the most powerful soundtrack for the game, successfully targeting a group of young people who love basketball and rock.

It's unfortunate that basketball, like other sports , do not make significant advancements in the way they play and their systems. Alongside the fact that players update their information each year, creator 2K Sports has decided to "specialize the operation" in the basketball game.

Jidu has made a variety of improvements to the operation and even added real-time tactical switches, and the adjustment of artificial intelligence settings such as. This has changed from live-action games to real-time action strategy games in order to make Jidu more professional than traditional.

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