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Someone help me to save my dog
He has helped me through some tough times. I suffer from anxiety and depression and he gives me great support. I would be devastated without him. We have been together for 10 years. He has helped me through family deaths, homelessness, breakups, etc. I live alone with him and cannot picture coming home from work to not see nor hear him. He is special in so many ways; from his loud howl to his lazy Sunday mornings of us just watching cartoons. He’s is my family.

Learning he has cancer has sent me into a deep depression that has left me helpless. His mass grew in a matter of 3 weeks. At first the vets assured that “It’s more than likely just a tumor” only to find out a few weeks later that my intuition was right. I currently live alone I fend for myself financially. Unfortunately, I do not make enough salary to be able to pay for all the treatments he needs. I have invested all of my savings in the diagnosis and his cancer treatments so far. My credit cards are maxed out. I will be extremely grateful to those who can contribute to help me and him through this tough time. He is not only a pet, but a best friend and family member.

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