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The near future of Madden has me interested


LMAO this match is already pure crap and it hasn't even been played and released. You can snap into any player on the field? Trash. You can score 13 points in a single play with intercepting the ball and doing laterals and a 3 POINT CONVERSION LOL. And still only 3v3. . Stop purchasing this trash game individuals. It hurts because it looks great, like they've put much effort into this participant experience, given it a lot of thought and hard work.

I'd get this for 20$ no issue, but why is it getting priority within franchise? This mode legitimately sounds amazing. I am not to the simulation or cover to win culture of Ultimate Team, but I've always enjoyed arcadey sports and often times find them the most enjoyable competitively too. Sounds amazing. This is what they did rather than franchise. They could have easily made this a 20 buck add on or something but nope **** franchise. Pathetic.

I wish you had the choice of doing a season/franchise sort of the lawn. Like you only get your 8 players, but you have a schedule, playoffs, ect. I feel like that would be more fun than just playing a game at a time. As a casual player that this looks interesting as hell. I am gonna should see how it works before I consider dropping 60 on it. The near future of Madden has me interested.

Next-gen, Franchise eventually getting *some focus , and PVP. As someone who enjoys the park aspect of nba 2k (or exactly what it was ) this is gonna be trendy. EASHL/FIFA Pro Clubs are actually way better than 2k's they just need more focus. I feel like this would not be as weird to me personally if they had been wearing street clothes instead of full pads.There are competitive manners outside of theatres, but it is always 1 on 1. Leagues would be the only place you compete with other individuals. League is still essentially 1 , it's just one group versus the other group.

It's not like you are really playing together. I'm not trying to bash leagues, I will be linking one in the brand new game too. I am only trying to work out exactly what there is that would give rise to a mass exit of participant by removing leagues from the game. There are similarities between arena and lvl, but as someone who has been playing in precisely the exact same league since MM17, there's something about it which makes it more intriguing and rewarding. It is not necessarily that eliminating it might make a mass departure, but of the individuals who do leave, many would be some of the best players from the best leagues, who are also a number of the largest spenders.

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