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It stinks a ton of effort has to EVE echoes


I absolutely agree. It stinks a ton of effort has to be put to obtaining the data. Should they create an API, I would happily quit getting the data out myself, but I haven't seen any plans for them to do so.And I guess you use a mix of click automation and OCR to scrap this data (or you reverse engineered their system protocol and won EVE Echoes:p). Which, ironically, could probably be considered against the ToS.In any case, I think what you did is remarkable, super easy, and should have been included in the match itself as a base attribute.

Their protocol is simple, bypassing the encryption on the other hand is hopeless without messing with the sport itself.Yeah for certain, one would need to hookup in the game.

Nah, it is not SSL just, though it was it would be easy, as you say;p They do not use HTTP, its a customized protocol. It utilizes ARC4 using a key that's randomly generated each connection using a crypto-safe arbitrary generator and exchanged with the server (encrypted using RSA). No real method of sniffing any data without breaking the ToS.Yeah, I expect they do not use HTTP haha. It would be the most stupid thing ever to get a game. (for info, SSL and HTTP Aren't connected, for people reading, you can use ssl for tons of things)

Yeah I guess hooking into the game would be the simplest way of reverse engineering. However, I guess they could detect it. Still could be interesting.This is awesome! Assessing things several times a day manually... That is exhausting.

Have you got an endpoint that publishes all request ids you need to match some thing name? I noticed that every item has an ID on your API but I am struggling to note them all.Right now I'm using the item ids the game uses. If you do any searching, I believe that you should be able to locate a listing of all of the item ids. I might upgrade the API to make this easier in the future, though.I've done some searching and I have not discovered a listing of item IDs outside from the wild or at anything that /u/eveechoesdata has published. It'd be amazing if someone could print such a list!

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