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To the north is an altar with a few character animals around it (it was normally the place where guthix would be). To the shore is Zamorak, with 10 chaos Druids surrounding him. The chaos druids are non-aggresive, but Zamorak is. To the northeast is Saradomin and can be non-aggresive. Additionally, there are 10 normal Druids surrounding him (non-aggresive). Should you start attacking saradomin, he will shout"Are you an assassin from Zamorak? And he"ll freeze you for 5 minutes.

Runescape is an MMORPG right? In my view, its only an MMOPG. I simply don't find a roleplaying element . There are not many different items to use to roleplay and nowhere to roleplay. Jagex should include a couple of realms dedicated to roleplaying, an individual ought to be a freeplayers and remainder should be members. In such worlds, it could be against the rules to speak out of character (except privately and clan chats). After enough offences, you'd be suspended from roleplaying realms for a short time.

Also, jagex should give folks an option while at the clothes store in varrok (forgot the name) to rather than actually changing your outfit, get it into thing form. This would let you take clothes on and off, more of a roleplaying such as fashion. More boots and hats should clearly be added.

Next, player owned homes should be allowed to be obtained by a few people while you're offline, kind of like an ingame family, etc.. This list can be created in exactly the same way friends lists are. Beds should be useable (I.E. I need to be in a position to put down in my bed to mimic sleeping.)

Lastly, custom pieces of paper/books should be allowed in match. You type them , but you may copy books you have made also. These books can then be traded to other players or dropped (sort of like a flyer). Pieces of paper would necessitate a crafting skill of 10 and books would range from 11-99, one page each level.

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