Quick Reads: "Notes on a Nervous Planet" Book Takeaway

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Key takeaway from the book "Notes on a Nervous Planet" by Matt Haig

Are you stressed about growing older? Do you worry about the wrinkles, creases, spots, and freckles that come with age? In a society that places increasing value on a youthful appearance, our natural aging process can seem like a scary thing.


But wait. Think of your grandma. Think of any grandma, really. Don’t they seem pretty content? In fact, they seem like they don’t care about their wrinkles at all. How can it be?


Stressing about getting old is a sign that you’re young.


That’s not an Oscar Wilde aphorism; it’s a fact. Only 44 percent of 30-year-olds say they’re optimistic about aging. But by the age of 70, over two-thirds of people seem to feel just fine at the thought of getting even more wrinkly.


Yup, this is the best-kept secret of the anti-aging industry: getting older and looking the part is actually totally okay. Just ask anyone older than you! 


Perhaps as people grow older and wiser, they realize that worrying about our age or appearance does nothing to change them. It just makes us feel a lot worse about them.


It may sound tricky to do at first, but if you know you’re going to stop worrying about aging once you’re older, why not stop worrying now?


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