Quick Reads: Procrastination Is Not the Enemy — It’s Necessary to Do Great Work

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Helpful procrastination


Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. 

From the outside, postponing your work can seem like a big waste of time. However, procrastination can help you do your work.



Meaningful work


Doing creative and deep work requires you to let go. Procrastination allows one to get rid of the thoughts that are still occupying your mind. It helps you to loosen up.



Letting go


When you have been able to delay your work, your thoughts are empty and you are better able to work with challenging ideas. The work that follows is highly productive.



Delaying and postponing


When you delay your work, you build up frustration as well as a craving for the task. The work that follows then comes easier to you.



Not a big danger


Procrastination is a distraction and could be just what you need. 

Your life is not over if you procrastinate. Know why you procrastinate so that you may benefit from it.



New ideas


Ideas are all around us if we will take the time to look for them. When you delay doing the important work by doing other random things, you will get different ideas from normal conversations or videos. Procrastination will allow you to further explore ideas.



Being human


Days cannot be flawless and perfectly productive. Life gets in the way: we waste time; we battle with the human experience.

We will struggle because we are human. Keep that in mind.




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