About Us

Febu LogoFebu is an international social network for creative people.

Saif Samir founded Febu, with the idea that the genuine & creative people on the internet deserve an exclusive social network free of FAKE ACCOUNTS, FAKE NEWS, SPAM, TROLL, and all other CRAZY stuff.

Febu provides an amazing platform via its website and apps to a community of registered users to share opinions, ideas, comments, and audio-visual contents.

Basically, we have developed a social community and provide services to its users. To fully use the services, you need to create an account.

Febu helps you to make interesting friends, connect people with wisdom. Share your experience with a global audience. Just be yourself!

But nobody can use Febu to post pornographic material, harass people, or send spam. Breaking our Terms of Use or Febu Rules will result in ban. Please be reasonable and responsible. Use your better judgment.

We offer FREE account and PRO accounts. To upgrade to a PRO Account, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid Febu account.

We welcome you to our growing community. We will develop more features and services in the future. Be with us!